Biostar A8800Gz MB
Kingston 8GB RAM (2x4GB)
Cougar CMX 1000W PSU
OCZ Vertex Plus R2 60GB SSD

Computer use to start and run fine, Now when I turn it on all the LED Fans work, CPU Fan works, took off the cooler and the CPU heats up, I hear the HDD spinning, Keyboard lights up for a second, No Post, No Beeps, No BIOS

If anyone needs anymore infornation please just let me know! I appreciate any help I get!

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You say you have an SSD, yet you also say that you hear the HDD spin up... Huh? SSD's (solid-state discs) don't spin up.

In any case, if you get no post and no beeps, then I think you either have a power supply or motherboard problem. Time to take it into the repair depot.

isnt the psu tried it on another system, i have 2 hdds attached 1 is harddisk other is SSD... Could be because I accidently reset the BIOS and need to flash it?

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