I have a desktop pc that keeps on looping instead of loading windows xp, the problem is even when I try to use safe mode to restore it still keeps on looping.it has 80gb hdd that uses sata cables,2gb ram and its motherboard is FOXCONN N15235.When I use it's HDD on a different computer system unit it loads windows xp nicely but when Iconnect it back to the original system unit it does not load windows.I have even tried to remove the CMOS battery and put it back but still it does no load the OS even when I try to use the last known goodconfiguration. Help me out plizzz!!

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You need to look at the motherboard, Foxconn tend to use substandard parts and have an issue with puffing capacitors. Take a look at these photos Click Here and here Click Here to see if your board is suffering from this. Also you should download and run this Click Here which is a memory tester. [rant] XP is very fickle, and OLD, and should not under any circumstances be run on a machine that is connected to the internet as you are placing yourself and others at risk of infection. It is 12 year old OS that was designed BEFORE the internet was big and is no longer being supported or updated. [/rant] It also tends to mean your machine is getting up there in age and goes back to the looking for puffed capacitors as when they go, you will get the exact issue you are having.

Good luck.

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