I have XMarks bookmarks synced on 2 machines.
One machine keeps up to date perfectly.
XMarks on the other machine does not update.
When I try to sync and update the process just
keeps going on forever or crashes.
It is possibly corrupt and needs to be reinstalled,
but I am not sure how to do that, if that is whats needed.
Everything is intact and up to date on the first machine.

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hi, never used the program actually never heard of it ,but if its on you 2 computers you must have put it there ,
if it were me i would go to there website on the computer thats not working and download it and reinstall it.

Many thanks caperjack.
Will do that.
Best wishes.

hope it fixes the problem, good luck

Afraid it didn't work.
When I clicked on Download Now it just downloaded an
add on for Firefox which I already had installed.
I tried syncing XMarks again when that installed, as it was
still showing last sync as 13 May 2012.
However, as always, XMarks crashed again.
On the sync page, not the website, there are items listed restore and
run set up wizard.
I am wondering if I should try running one or both of those.

I am wondering if I should try running one or both of those.

waht can it hurt, i would try one and if no change' try the other

Hi caperjack.
I took a chance on running the set up wizard
and everything is back again and fully updated.
Great to have it all back.
Many thanks for your help.

your welcome ,happy computing

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