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Anyone looking forward to buy the samsung smart tv and what are the features?

Those TVs looking amazing with their thin bezel and all (under a quarter of an inch thick). As for the "Smart TV" features, I'm not sure it's worth the price. For the amount of money one spends on a decent-size smart tv you can buy a really nice, large screen LCD or LED TV or an HD projector and then build a really powerful media center PC that can do everything a smart tv and much much more. That's what I did.

I have already a lot of TVs in my house. But i wanted to buy a Smart Tv just to keep up with the modern technology flow. Is Apple Tv better than the Smart Tv?

I would have to go with the Smart TV if you are comparing it to Apple TV (IMHO). Apple's products in the content consumption space are largely subscription or pay-per-download based.

I learned very early want to buy a new intelligent TV, just don't understand!!

Yeah I am planning to buy Samsung LED-UA32D5000PRMXL

This TV is really good with best features and its picture resolutions is also very awesome.

Its Price: Rs. 38,359

Its Features:
1. Samsungs full HD Plasma TVs
2. Digital Noise Filter
3. Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
4. Ultra Clear Panel
5. Anynet+
6. Clear Motion Rate
7. HDMI 1.4

I have already ordered this TV from and in some days I will get this TV at my home. ;)

Thank you all for your suggestion I keep them in my mind before purchasing a new television but I will go with smart LCD

I have a 55" Samsung Smart TV and its brilliant. The 3D is amazing, the streaming is top quality. It has links to Love Film, Youtube, Iplayer, Facebook and loads more. Best TV I ever bought

Im using one of these for my Honours Project an Uni. Anyone developed for them?

Its got a web browser right?

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