i just bought a new HP Desktop (that only has a Display Port on it).

How do i connect it with my laptop (that has VGA Port and HDMI only.....no Display Port).

I have tried all kinds of cables and convertors....but nothing seems to be connecting both.....so if you have faced this issue and know something that might have high chances to work, please suggest !?

Re: Display Port to: VGA Port or HDMI 80 80

Both of the ports on the HP Computer and laptop are outputting not inputting data. You need a normal monitor or TV for this to work.

Re: Display Port to: VGA Port or HDMI 80 80

As mat1998x said. However, BlackBox (the company) has a lot of really neat adapters that may work for you, to use your laptop as a video output device. Ok, looked at their web site and found nothing (after a quick search) that will suit your needs. :-( You can look yourself: www.blackbox.com

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