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8) what is the reason for disabling the ssid broadcasting and changing the default ssid on a wireless access point?
a)wireless clients must then have ssid manually configured to connect to the wireless network.
b)he accesses point stops broadcasting its own mac address thus preventing unauthorized wireless
clients from connecting to the network.
d)anyone with default ssid can gain access point and change the configuration.
e)disabling ssid broadcasting free up radio frequency and increases the data throughput of the access point.

9) Which power criterion will affect the number of internal drives that are installed in a computer?
a)Ac input
b)+20vdc output
c)power supply wattage
d)dc output
e)power supply voltage
f)+5vdc output

10) A technician is troubleshooting a computer that fails to print the technician suspects that the printer driver may be updated, proceeds to download
the latest driver and installs it the technician attempts to print,but the problem persists what is the next action that the technician should take ?
a)Test the theory.
b)Establish a plan of action.
c)Identify the problem.
d)Develop a new theory.

11) A user reports that some printing jobs are not being printed. The technician checks and notices that the jobs are stuck in the orienting queue.
a)What action should the technician take to solve the problem?
b)Unplug the data cable from the printer and plug it in again.
c)Plug the printer to a voltage regulator.
d)Cancel the job that displays the error that is preventing the other jobs from being printed.
e)Re install the printer driver.

12) which step is critical in selecting and installing multiple cooling fans for a PC case?
a)make sure they are the same make and model.
b)make sure they provide the same amount of air flow.
c)make sure they are mounted in correct air flow directions.
d)make sure the run at the same speed.

13)a user updates a device driver and reboots the system when the user successfully logs in after the reboot,
the OS displays a blue screen and crashes the user presses the f8 key on reboot and tries to log in using the last known good configuration but gets the same result.
Why will the last known good configuration not work?
a)The user failed to run chkdisk prior to logging in.
b)the boot ini file is corrupt.
c)The last known good configuration is overwritten with the current one on successful log in
d)the user failed to save the cmos settings on reboot.

14) Which statement is true about the use of an anti static wrist strap?
a)An anti static wrist strap should not be worn when repairing a power supply.
b)The metal part of the wrist strap should not make contact with your skin.
c)An anti static wrist strap should not be used with conjunction with an anti static mat.
d)For optimum grounding the clip should be attached to a painted section of a computer case.

15) Which Statement Correctly Compares The Characteristic Of Coaxial Cable With Twisted Pair Cable?
a)Coaxial cable is less expensive than twisted pair cable
b)Coaxial Cable is more difficult to install than UTP

16) A user downloads a widget onto his android phone but it is puzzled to see then the widget is touched an app is launched what is the possible cause?
a)The widget is corrupt.
b)The user has downloaded a virus.
c) the widget is associated with app and this normal behavior.
d) the security settings of the android OS have been compromised.

17) A technician is attempting to crate virtual machines on a PC but wants to ensure that the physical system resources used by virtual machines and directly
managed by theme and not by the host operating system. How can a technician accomplish this?
a)Set up the virtual machines as windows virtual PCs
b)disable hyper threading in the bios
c)et up the virtual machines using a native hyper visor.
d)Limit the amount of paged ram.
e)Set up the virtual machines using a hosted super visor.

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