wassup. I wanna buy and xbox but the thing thats holding me back is xbox 2. I dont wanna buy xbox to find out that the new one just came out. IS it worth it to buy an xbox now or is xbox 2 gnnna be out soon?Thanks

Xbox2 is a fair way off yet. I think an Xbox purchase is a worthwhile expense at present.

the XBox2 or Xenon as its to be known is still in development. Early development at that.
Only hints as to its hardware spec have been seen as yet. Nothing solid has been announced, Though you can guarantee it will be an impressive piece of kit.
For now, invest in an XBox and mod it. Get the best out of an XBox while you can as they may well prevent the similar modding in the new Xenon.
Which i would see as a real shame as the current XBox is about the best value media center available, cheaper even than many DVD Players, and yet more powerfull (hard drive, network connection, internet capable etc etc etc !)
Even if you were to get an Xenon and if it was close to release, I would still reccomend te XBox.

My thing about the "latest greatest" has always been that the last gen stuff isn't going to go anywhere. Look at how healthy of a market there still is for N64 and PS1 stuff-- you can find it EVERYWHERE, nearly, and it's only getting cheaper.

...And it's not like production of games for older systems will cease-- I mean, they still made NES games when the SNES was released, and they still made SNES games when the N64 was released. And, for a short time, they made N64 games when the Gamecube came out. There's not going to be any difference this time-- get an Xbox, and enjoy the games that are out on it. If there's some must-have game that makes you want a Xenon, go for it, but there are plenty of great games out for the current models, and there will be for some time.

ok thanks. I already have PS2 and for sure im going for PS3 but i want xbox for halo 2 and halo 1 really bad. Also , what do you mean mod the xbox? Does it have to do with its harddrive?

errr..... uummm......

'Modding' an Xbox isn't legal, so let's not have discussion of it here, eh? Use Google if you want to explore the matter please.

i think you should get an xbox but i see no need to mod it. plu sits illegll

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