I've been experimenting with OpenVPN lately and now would like to generate a package with certain features enabled that require a recompile. I.e. enabling the password caching feature and packaging it with specific certs and profiles.

Basically, is it possible to compile a windows-version/windows-package of the client from linux? If yes, can you give a push in the right direction.

I ask about linux because going through HOW TO on the windows based setup to enable a recompile of the package leaves me with missing dependencies, bad links... it's just a mess.

Re: Compile Windows EXE in Linux 80 80

Yes, it's called a cross compiler. The compiler itself is targeted to Linux, but builds executables that target Windows.

Since cross compiling isn't my bag, my first stop in researching would be Google.

Re: Compile Windows EXE in Linux 80 80

To build a native Windows application using Linux code, try installing and using the MingW compiler - it is a GCC (GNU) compatible compiler suite (C and C++).

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