I have a home network of three computers running Windows 7. One is running Windows 7 Professional and the other two Windows 7 Ultimate. I also have two more desktops running XP Pro :) and a laptop running XP Pro. The network is wired, laptop wireless.

I am trying to gain access to files and folders on one of the Windows Ultimate machines. Call it DataPC for the argument. I can access DataPC on the Win 7 Pro and the XP Pro desktops but not the laptop.

If DataPC can allow access to three of my desktops why won't it allow access from the other Windows Ultimate machine? Surely, if DataPC allows its files to be shared on several computers in the network there should be no issue with one of them? Unless, there is some issue with sharing between two windows Ultimate computers.

Put simply DataPC is sharing its files, folders and drives with nearly all of my networked computers, why not all?

I'll be happy to supply further information thanks


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Might sound stupid, but have you checked the firewall settings on your problematic laptop?

No not really, the laptop can access all the desktops except the one running Seven Ultimate. I think it has something to do with Ultimate. I have had to take the hard drive out and install it in the other desktop. The issue still exists though as DataPC has a hot swop caddy and I am using it to allow access to my video footage. I could access other hard drives that have been placed in the hot swop unit ok. But only, from XP and Windows 7 Pro. I have never had the need to access DataPC from the windows 7 Ultimate.

My daughter now has the Windows 7 Ultimate desktop, so the issue is no longer relevant to my home network.

And now a stupid question. is the laptop able to see the DATAPC at all ie can you ping it browse to it or what. If you can't ping it then its one of two things Firewall or the laptop is not 'on the same network' the wireless addressing if different to the 'local' network. What happens if you hardwire the laptop?

Yes I know that sounds daft having had the experince of wireless access points which will allow internet connectivity but fail totally to allow browsing to local PCs. Or is following the noraml route of Tech Sup solve it fast get paid get out or it will go away?

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