yesterday my pc or tv won't start due to low voltage power problem.. after fixing it..my pc start and this error occurred "disk read error occured. press alt ctrl del to restart.".

i have tried almost everything :
(1)from window instl. disk cmds like chkdsk fixmbr fixboot but says invalid disk drive or disk drive not found..
(2)cables cmos etc..
(3)bios defaults...

but no solution....

i know this prob occurs only after low voltage power problem...so what could be the solution???

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I know you said you have checked the bios defaults but i just wanted to clarify that the hard drive containing windows is the default first boot device. If it is (which I'll assume it is) can you press f12 (may be different depending on your motherboard) to enter the boot menu and manually select your windows harddrive from the available list?

Worst case scenario can you make a linux live usb or cd to grab any important files etc and then reformat the harddrive?

In regard to the low voltage if you're willing to spend about $100 - $200 you can grab yourself an uninteruptable power supply (UPS), this plugs into your device and will turn on whenever it detects a low voltage or sudden loss of power.


Low power can easily damage electronic components including the drive controller. You may be SOL. In the future as mentioned you should invest in a UPS to avoid that possibility.

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