so here is the story.
I have a asus g51jx-a, I have hadit on , plugged in 24/7 for two years...... bad idea.... i know.......now.
but, the battery died, bought a new one still no life, replaced a chip called FET1881 or FET8118 it now turns on, but then poof off again. please help what else could it be?
please also reply via e-mail on
as im posting this using my nintendo wii so theres no history and wont be easy finding this page.

Was this a socketed chip, or soldered into the board? If soldered, did you do it yourself, or have someone else do it? Soldered chips in systems like this need to either be reflow soldered, or done very, very carefully. Myself, I can solder pretty well, but I wouldn't try it. My grandson, on the other hand, can solder just about anything. If it is a socketed chip, then check to be sure that the pins are properly seated in the socket, and that the socket itself doesn't have any solder faults to the motherboard.

One final thing is that there may be other motherboard issues, such as some failing capacitors and such. Look at the caps and see if there are any that are swolen or leaking dialectric. If you find any such, then they also need to be replaced. If you find resistors that are scorched, then replace them also.

FWIW, I have had my Dell D630 plugged in for 6 years, and it is just fine...