Hello Guys!

I have a question about resetting a Windows 7 Home Premium Operation System.

This computer had a virus around last year, and I am wanting to be able to reset this computer to its factory defaults.

Thanks in advanced,

If you need any info, just ask.

If your computer has the recovery image on the hard drive (which many vendors place now a days..), just boot the computer and hit the appropriate function key to access this process. Depending on the computer, the key may be F1, F2, F11, etc.. You can find this info on the vendor's web site if you search for "windows recovery" or similar search.

Once you access the recovery options, just select a full recover, clean installation, or something similar.

Your computer will be reverted back to the original default state.

make sure that you backup any of your documents, favorites, etc.. before you initiate this process.

If you dont have a recovery partition/image, then you can get a Windows 7 DVD and perform a clean install. You'd have to get a hold of the drivers that windows doesnt provide you with.

If you are trying to get rid of a virus wouldn't it be a lot easier to just run an antivirus program and let it remove the virus then to reinstall the operating system?

Not sure how I tag/reply but:

Currently, the virus is out of here. It messed up lots of stuff.

Do I need to buy a Windows 7 DVD if the recovery isn't successful? Is it possible I wipe it clean and install a new OS?

@Ancient Dragon
The virus is gone as stated above. Messed up lots of stuff... It doesn't even start up normally - Only in safe mode it works.

So if your computer has Windows 7 installed, you should either already have the Win 7 installation media on DVD or the computer manufacturer left you with the Win 7 recovery files in a separate partition that you access during the recovery process. If you have neither, then yes, you would have to get the new media.

As for the new media, do you have to buy one?

Well Microsoft doesn't give it away for free. Your best bet is to find the media that came with your PC.

I'm not familiar with those links, but if you have a valid product key, I'd simply call Microsoft Support about where to get the media. They give the media away. What they care about is the fact that you paid for a key. if you have the key, they should be able to give you a download link.

Again, i looked at the link you posted, but im not familiar with that process.

Alright - Thanks for your help! :)

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