hi all,
I have added internal 500gb SATA hard disk to motherboard.now total space is 500gb + 80gb (previous harddisk.) I have created 7 partitions for new harddisk.about 70 gb approx.previous 5 partitions..total partitions are 12.there are videos and audios on new disk but on playing them, system lags..CPU usage is around50-60% .sound and video slows down..but when I play audio and video from old disk everything is normal.xp is installed only in old disk.I have 1.12gb RAM.motherboard is Intel d102ggc2.supports 800/533 Mhz system bus..is there any hardware compatibility problem or is it processor is outdated ??? I had even increased virtual memory for each drive..but same problem..plz help me out..

Logical partitions with multiple pagefiles on the same physical disk isn't going to help you increase performance.

Which application/process is using up the CPU?

hello sir,
problem persists even if paging is not done for each drive.I have freed 3 out of 4 logical partitions of extended partition and made 2partitions unallocated out of 3 primary partition.but still the problem of slow moving of data and mouse pointer exists.In task manager all processes are normal but cpu usage is above 51% all the time while copying or moving data from new to old disk.clicking activities take CPU usage upto 75% and bring back to 51 % while data is still copying or moving PF usage is 254mb.