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I am running a program for my woodworking business, eCabinet Systems. Nice program for drawing out kitchens and getting parts list and cut sheets. Over the years they have been upgrading it and it has finally come to a point where they are starting to get beyond my computers abilities.

There is an area in the program where you put the kitchen together in a room. When I load a kitchen the program crashes. If I don't load the kitchen file and go into the cabinet editor everything is fine.

I've learned that if I turn almost all accelerations off, the program doesn't crash. But the cabinet editor is painfully slow (3D rendering). Just recently I upgraded the drivers on the computer (Dell Inspiron 9400 1.8GHz duocore, WinXP service pack 3, 3GB Ram) to a version that is from 2007. This seems to be the last version available to me by Dell. 3rd party driver packages seem to be rejected.

I started playing around with different versions of the iglicd32.dll file and found one that will work within the room editor without crashing. But now I don't have the same acceleration in my cabinet editor. It's like it was turned down a few notches. It isn't as bad as turning off the video acceleration, but it's close.

Does the iglice32 version need to match the driver package version to make things work smoothly? If so is there a newer driver package out there that I can install in my Dell Inspiron?


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Time to upgrade to Windows 7 or later perhaps?

That's the easy way out.

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