Hello, i have reloaded windows 7 ultimate as the computer appeared to have a virus

However, it takes several minutes to load windows, just sitting with a blank screen and a cursor in top left corner, then load windows, but not always. sometimes it indicates it cannot find the OS
also it is not showing the hard drive in the computer system on windows ?

I have entered bios but this does not always easily access ?
in bios I ran checks of hard drive and ram, all seems ok ?

Do I need to download latest bios and reinstall ?

I also find that when trying to boot from the dvd it is not accessing a dvd ? it did at first to load windows 7 but there was this same blank screen during the windows 7 set up process ?

Hard disk checks notwithstanding, this sounds like one of a couple of possibilities.

  1. There is a fault in the boot sectors of the disk. You need to run extended disk checks to see if there is a fault there where it can read the sector occasionally, but not always.

  2. You are getting other hardware problems, such as with the system BIOS and/or flash memory. Most BIOS's can be configured for more verbose POST output which may help.

  3. There is a very serious virus on your system. Some exist that infect the system flash memory where BIOS settings are stored, so even wiping the disk and reinstalling the OS from scratch are futile. This could also cause the BIOS/flash to look faulty as well.

So my recommendation is that you take into a technician who you trust to run extensive tests on the system hardware, software, and firmware. If the system is starting to fail, they will let you know if repairing it is worthwhile. If it is still under warranty, then send it into Compaq for repair.

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