I recently uninstalled AVG from my computer. Upon the reboot, I noticed the message "keyboard disabled" as the computer reloaded. The computer is password protected and now I cannot enter the password to logon. What can I do to regain access to the computer?

Thank you

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Is this a message you see at the login screen for Windows or prior? Can you boot Windows into Safe Mode (hit f8 prior to windows loading)?

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The message was displayed prior to the Windows login screen. I will have to try to boot into Safe Mode and let you know. I've noticed that the keyboard functions (allowing the selection of F1 or F2) prior to loading the sign in screen but not afterwards.

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Ok so is this then a POST message? Is the error message on a black screen?

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Good morning,
Attempting gain access by way of the F8 button didn't work either. The sign-in screen popped up and the keyboard was inoperable at that point. The error message is (was not) on a black screen. I saw it pop up while the computer was loading (prior to sign-on). The key board works - num lock, Function buttons and arrows until the log-in screen pops up.

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Ok, doesnt sound like a windows issue then. If you are getting this message during the POST (power on self test), then its definately not Windows. Have you tried plugging in a different keyboard?

Before this message is displayed, do you have the ability to hit a key on the keyboard to boot into your BIOS (CMOS) config. You should see a message on your screen when you first boot (something like hit f2 or f12 to boot into setup.

If you can, does your keyboard work in that environment. Any settings in your BIOS that may be configured to disable your keyboard?

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Yes, I've tried three different keyboards in three different available usb ports.

I do see the hit f1 or f2 message when I turn it on. At that time the keyboard is fully funtional. I can go write down all the settings (since I can't do a screen capture at present) and share it with you tomorrow.

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How old is your computer? Have you made any changes recently? Which Operating System? (XP, Vista, Win' 7, Win' 8) Depending on your Operating System there should be an Ease of Access button on the bottom left of your logon screen. This should give you the option to use an onscreen keyboard.

Is the keyboard USB or PS/2? If it is PS/2 (circular with pins) is it connected in the correct keyboard connector? You should only disconnect and connect a PS/2 connector while the computer is turned off. The keyboard connector attaches to the purple socket, the socket nearest to the side of your computer.

If your keyboard is USB, and you can use it while in the BIOS, then it can only be a Windows driver issue. Use the Ease of Access keyboard (on-screen) to log on and then go to device manager. (Start > Right click 'Computer' > Manage > Device Manager)

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F2 Screen info:

System Time, System Date - relative
Drive Config, Hard-Disk Drive Sequence, Boot Sequence, Memory Info, CPO Info, Integrated Devices, Power Mgmt, and System Security - <Enter>
Keyboard Numlock - On
Report Keyboard Errors - Report
Auto Power On - Disabled
Fast Boot & OS Install Mode - On
IDE Hard Drive Acoustics Mode - Bypass
System Event Log - <Enter>
Asset Tag -

Re: Locked Out 80 80

I believe the system is a mid-2000 model Dell running XP. The only recent changes that come to mind was the installation of AVG software followed by the attempt to unistall it. I'm not familiar with the Ease of Access button.

The original Keyboard was PS/2. The ones that I've attempted to use afterwards were USB. All of the connections were done while the system was off.

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