Hello Folks,

I had left my Inspiron in standby mode for 2 days. Then when i tried on the power button, it would not boot. Only the power button would go green for 3 seconds and thats it. no sound no other lights coming on.
I tried some quick fixes, like removing the battery and trying on only the adapter, pressing down the power button for 30 seconds and replacing the RAMs back in. All in vain.
Any suggestions would be of great help!

Check the screen or take it to any shop...!

The screen is good.
Except for the power light coming on for 3 secs(after pressing on the power button), theres no other sign of life on this machine.
I am considering taking it the shop as the last option as of now.

yes i can't answer you as i am not getting it...!

Thanks buddy for trying thou :)

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