please i want to start some online course on software programing

Your question is too vague. you need to be a bit more specific as to what type of programming you are interested in.

Member Avatar for DaniWebUser_1 - This is a free website, all text based so you'll have to do some reading. - $25/month for a basic account. This is a video tutorial library. You can access the video tutorials at any time. The site offers tutorials for just about anything that is related to computers. - We've all been here. Youtube is probably the most massive video repository in the world. And yes, they have video tutorials for every programming language that's currently in use. One caveat is that not all of Youtube's contributors are experts.

You can also check out these websites:


There are also vocational schools such as The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online and Full Sail University that offer degrees in software development and web development, but they're extremely expensive. The last time I checked, The Art Institute's 4 to 5 year Bachelor degree program in web development cost $95,000.

"One caveat is that not all of Youtube's contributors are experts."
That sounds awfully sweeping.... there's a utube of a russian showing how to stop the clingfilm roll leaping out of the box when you pull the film, and well, he's basically nailed it. He demonstrates how you should push in the lock-in tabs on the ends of the box. utube is truly a necessity of life.
w3schools cover html, for example, quite comprehensively but you really have to practice what they preach, and not just read. Learning is about understanding and repetition. Read a bit, code and run a lot. Code anything. I found the best way was to code a project that I was interested in, and learn as I went, redo the clumsy bits, and polish everything. Coding is like electronic design - there is always another dozen ways to achieve the end.

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