My Computer display is very big i can't find the cipset driver for windows 8.1.Please tell me how can find the display driver or media accelator driver for my pc.

Windwos 8.1 enterprise
Chipset:Intel 946GZ Express Chipset Family.
I just want to set resolution for my pc that is 1680x1050.

Your oppions are highly needed....

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Have you visited the Intel web site support pages for this chipset? They should have 8.1 drivers there to download and install.

yes there is written for windows 7 there is nothing about wndows 8.1....

plz reply soon...

Yeah. I just looked and Win7 is the latest. Unless Microsoft has a driver for this, I think you will have to wait as Intel doesn't seem to have one. Have you tried the Win7 driver?

BTW, voting down people who are honestly trying to help you doesn't make us too eager to help... :-(

ok sorry...

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