Guys I really need your help here. Recenty my laptop has been having limited connection issues which I was able to resolve via some helpful command prompt such as netsh and ipconfig. However, problems never seem to stop. Now I am getting DNS issues. I attribute it to DNS because my laptop can't connect to the Internet without entering a valid IP address of the website. It is such a pain to remember IP addresses when there is actually a server that should be doing the job. What can I do?
browser: IE
connected to a tablet as a hotspot, the tablet can connect by the way.

Does my ISP have something to do with this?

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The tablet obviously has access to a valid DNS server. You either need to configure the hotspot software to relay DNS requests from connected systems, or you need to tell your system what DNS server it should use (using an IP address for same). You can set this in the network configuration tool for the attached system.

Thanks rubberman for the reply. Now, here's the situation (and I hope you have the time to comment on this).

There are times when my laptop is able to connect to my tablet by doing some command prompt troubleshooting, restarting both devices and so on and so forth. There are also times when it just does not connect at all.

Here is what I did. I changed Network (i.e., SIM card on my tablet).
Now everything is OK.
So I guess that should conclude it that my original carrier has some DNS issues.

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