I have a Raid 1 setup which had two drives a 250GB and a 500GB. I have replaced the 250GB drive (which had not failed) with a 500GB drive. The Raid now shows just a 250GB. What do I have to do to make use of the 500GB?

The Raid 1 is managed by the Intel Matrix Storage Console 6.0 on a Dell 9200. The Raid is in addition to the programs and Windows XP Pro OS drive.

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The size seen is the file system size, which was set to 250GB originally as that was the size of the smaller drive. You need to go into the disc manager tool and expand the file system. On linux you would do this with the command resize2fs for ext2/3/4 file systems, or if it is an NTFS file system on Linux, ntfsresize.

thanks Rubberman but the OS is Windows XP. If I right click on the raid there is no option to increase the file size. There are three options: Mark partition as active, change drive letter and paths, and format.

Ok. Then if you cannot resize the array, you will need to back up your data, and re-configure / re-format the array to the size you need. Others here may have better advice. I try to stay away from Windows as much as possible, especially with regard to this sort of thing.

Thanks Rubberman. I have made other enquiries trying to get information from Intel without any luck. I'll take your advice.

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