Good Morning All, I am looking to develope a new product and I am needing software, hardware and an app developed. I have no idea where to start and I thought I would reach out for advice.

I've lost count of folk in that situation. Most just wither away because they are so afraid their idea would be stolen they can never talk to anyone about the product so no one can help them move forward.

Tell more, make a kickstarter or such and get going?

I have talked to numerous people about it and it is just a concept right now. I have no programming skills and I am looking for someone who has the skill set to help me out. I will do a kickstarter once I have a working protoype. Basically it is going to be a way for packages to be delivered safely to the front door. No more hassle with beating the package to the house or dealing with a pick up station.

Here we have the elephant box for such things. And thankfully no problems with Amazon/other deliveries being stolen. I can't guess how this differs from today's solutions. There are plenty of folks with concepts they never move forward on. A good percentage are so afraid the idea will be stolen, some can't accept it's not marketable and the list goes on.

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