I bought a new Dell Laptop few months ago, that originally came with windows8.1, but now the Lappy is annoinly slow in it operation now and unfortunately Windows8 doesn't come with the disk cleanup and disk defragment functions that windows OS has uptill windows7.Pls can anyone suggest to me on what could be the cause and what i need do to make it perform faster,cos i can asssure you i have no heavy application installed and my HDD is very far from filled up

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(Somewhat sarcastically), have you tried installing Linux on the system? :-) Sorry, but I couldn't help myself! I think Win7 was the last decent Windows distribution.

commented: will be interested in the world of Linux,so help me wit info or links +2

There are some excellent Linux systems for business desktops and laptops, many of which are based upon the Debian system. I'll mention some in a moment. As for office automation tools (word processing, slide shows and presentations, spreadsheets, etc) there is Libre Office, an advanced fork of Open Office. For web browsing, there are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and a number of clones of Firefox, etc. There are excellent audio/video tools for playback as well as audio/video editing, or format conversion. There are also CD/DVD authoring tools, and many other things, most all of which are FOSS (Free and Open Source).

Debian-based distributions you may want to check out:

  1. Point Linux: pointlinux.org
  2. Linux Mint: linuxmint.com
  3. Ubuntu: ubuntu.com

Have fun!

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