I am planning to build my own processor. A simple one to start with. I saw many videos on it and did research too. I've made the general layout of it.

What I lack is the resources. Can anyone tell what all would I need to make one? Of course it would be big in size and would be slow in speed, but I want to give it a start. Is anyone here engineered a processor?

You want to build processor (CPU), or a computer system? The former requires an in-depth knowledge of semiconductor processes, electrical engineering, and computer software. The latter can be done with parts you can purchases at Fry's, Best Buy, NewEgg, et al. The former requires specialized equipment that can be found in universities with semiconductor engineering or solid-state physics departments, or in semi-conductor manufacturing plants. The latter you can find instructions online, youtube, or in "dummies" books you can purchase at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.

So, which is it? FWIW, one of my best friends was one of the two principal designers of the 8086/8087 chip set at Intel back in the 1970's. The 8086 had about 20,000 transistors and could be laid out using standard hand drafting tools. My friend, Bruce Ravenel, has an MS and ABD (all but PhD disertation) in computer science and electrical engineering. So I guess if you have the knowledge and capabilities, you COULD design a buildable processor chip of that sort of complexity, but getting access to the chip construction hardware is another thing entirely.

good on you if you can do this ,but i giggle when i read post like this ,reason, because if you had the knowledge needed to build a cpu then you would have the knowledge to know you were not going to find info on how to build one from a windows help/discusion forum ! good luck

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