Does anyone know if there is an internal PCI-express card on the market with SATA-connections where you could put your old 3.5'' HDDs ?
There are a lot of SSDs on the market for this purpose, but I have some special needs.. :-)

There are a lot of PCI-e cards with SATA-connections, but none of them seems to hold the 3.5'' drives.
And that is (ufortunately) what I want right now... :-(

So it must "hold" the 3.5? The 3.5 in such systems is usually mounted to the case since the weight of an average 3.5 HDD is such that, well, that's not a good idea. Time to hit your workbench and make a bracket?

You have a point...
Maybe I should reject the whole idea and use the 3.5'' HDD as they are today.
I just wonder if there was any solution to this "problem" somewhere...

I think the solution is to make a bracket for your unique system. I see that the normal PCIe connection is x1 so the strain on the PCB would be too high for a commercial off the shelf board. Now that you can't count on the lenght of the board to be exactly a number of mm, it's back to your shop bench to cut your mount to just the right size.

Well, it's not that important... I won't use my time (and money) to create a unique solution "all by myself".
So if there's no off-the-shelf solution available I think I rather drop it and use the built-in brackets in my PC case.
(The idea was that by mounting the HDD on a PCI-e expansion card the noise from the HDD would be lower than by using the mounting brackets in the PC chassis itself. But I might be wrong on that as well...).

I have built a new desktop machine running Ubuntu 15.10 (Cinnamon/GNOME desktop) with the following spec:
(Tried to use Linux Mint 17.3, but it had no support for Skylake Graphics out-of-the box).

  • Fractal Design Core 2500 Midi Tower chassis (it's a nice one..)
  • MSI H170A PC MATE motherboard
  • Intel Core i5-6400 Skylake (Quad core, 2.7 GHz)
  • 32 GB RAM (will be expanded to 64GB as soon as I can afford it.. :-) )
  • 250 GB Samsung EVO SSD
  • 2 x 3TB HDD (Toshiba and Seagate Barracuda)
  • 550W PSU (Cooler Master G550M)

Obviously when I removed the HDDs the system was practially noiseless, but when adding the HDDs it was not noiseless anymore... :-(
The noise is by no means very disturbing, but compared to a system with only SSD-disk(s) it's noticeably.
At this point I was wondering if it was possible to put the HDDs on an PCI-express card (with SATA-connections).

(Sorry if my English/American language is not perfect. It's not my mother tongue...)

SSDs are practically noise free, but they are not cheap - especially if you want much storage ( > 2 TB).
I need the 6TB diskspace, but can't afford to buy 3 x 2TB SSDs (as an example).. :-)
Thanks for your interest, anyway... :-)

I have been in the business for so long that I KNOW that content you don't have backup of will be lost - sooner or later.
Today I use one of my 3TB drives mainly for storing TV shows recorded from my satelite desktop box (and the disk is nearly full).
I can afford to lose that one.. :-)
The second one is used for storing downloads, documents, my e-mail archive for Thunderbird and other important stuff.
I'm going to backup it to different external HDDs and cloud storage. This is the important part for me..

So yes: I'm aware of the risks...
(and I should be as an CISSP..)

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