I would like to lock an application (e.g. Microsoft Word) with a usb flash memory. When that flash memory is available in one of the usb ports, the application is allowed to run. Otherwise, prevent the application to run. It should be protected from coping/duplicating as well.

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I've never seen such to this day. Since I can boot another OS I am free to copy the HDD contents so any OS hack is not going to work.

Maybe you are thinking of some whole disk encrption with a pass key?

Or perhaps he is harkening back to the days of the dongle which was an external device resembling a flash drive but which contained custom circuitry with a unique ID.

@Reverend Jim,

Yes there are dongles out there which are rarely copied, but I found the last dozen times someone wanted this they balked at the cost. Even if they didn't balk at the cost them they balked at the steps to secure the app.

I think whole disk encryption may be the next best answer.

Besides, what's to keep someone from installing LibreOffice on a USB stick? They can view/edit most any MS Office document with that, even if Office itself is locked down. It is better to create a guest account and make it so that the guest user cannot run Office applications. I'm not sure that they still could access LibreOffice on a USB stick. So, put all of your document in directories of users other than guest. They will not be able to access them.

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