I have installed fedora 14 in one partition in my PC. I want to install windows 7 in another partition.problem is if I install windows 7, windows 7 boots primarly without asking option for both OS's.
what to I have to do?????????????????

Re: problem with dual os(windows7 and fedora 14) 80 80

You should've installed the GRUB bootloader, I've never done it after the fact so I can't help you.

Re: problem with dual os(windows7 and fedora 14) 80 80

Windows assumes it owns the system. Normally, if you want to dual boot a system, you install Windows first, and then Linux. Linux will install a grub boot loader and recognize the Windows system, allowing you to boot either that or the Linux system as desired. IE, start over, and install Windows first.

FWIW, you CAN install GRUB after the fact, but you will probably spend more time and effort in retro-fitting it than reinstalling everything as mentioned above.

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