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Help! My laptop light where the pancake things are is blinking and i'm scared what has happened.

That's not the full model number so for now what else is wrong?

Always tell the full model number, not the series alone. And age and story like "my laptop is a _______ by Gateway and I use it on battery all the time but now at 5 years old it does this."

Ok. So I got this Laptop Windows 8 by Gateway and I use it on battery all of the time, but now at 5 years old(it's actually this old) and now it blinks. Earlier, I heard a loud pop noise. A corner is up a little, showing a white thing. I love my laptop, and I don't want it to stop working.

So it blinks and works fine. I'd ignore it. Sadly I see no model by gateway to dive in deeper and see if there is a service.

So, the light blinks, it works, ignore blinking light like on our cars?

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