Here's a handy tip I haven't seen documented anywhere. If you have an Explorer window open, do the following

  1. Click in the address bar to the right of the address so that the entire address is highlighted/selected
  2. Type cmd in the address bar so that it replaces the address
  3. Press ENTER

A command shell will be openened at the folder that was displayed in the Explorer window.

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I do not have the x-box app installed on my laptop so I do not need the game-bar feature that is installed by degault. I like to use WIN-G as a shortcut for something else but when I press WIN-G I get the game-bar requestor pop-up. According to Microsoft, I have to install the x-box app in order to get access to the setting that allows me to disable the feature that I don't want. A moronic system to be sure. However, you can enable/disable the game-bar with a simple registry tweak. Save the following code in a file named DisableGameBar.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Save the following code in the file EnableGameBar.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Run either file to enable or disable the game bar as required.

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