i got a problem with outlook from microsoft.
when i tried to send a message the program hangs up for several hours about 5 or 6 and finally the message is sent.
it if very frecuent in my machine.

does anybody have had this kind of problem?

any solution?

thankyou very much
raul delgado hernandez

Never. Here I use gmail email for my email server so in years a delay like that never happened.

-> So let's hear more. What email service do you use? Some are pretty awful.

The only problem I've had with Outlook is that it is so difficult to find the options. Menus and sub-menus, each with buttons, buttons, buttons, advanced options, etc. I use Outlook on my wife's laptop and Thunderbird (which I prefer) on mine. One of these days I'll convert Outlook to Thunderbird and be done with it.

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Although you do not specify the version of your Outlook, I tend to think that the size of your mailbox is too large ... you could try to archive and compact your mailbox

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