i got a problem with outlook from microsoft.
when i tried to send a message the program hangs up for several hours about 5 or 6 and finally the message is sent.
it if very frecuent in my machine.

does anybody have had this kind of problem?

any solution?

thankyou very much
raul delgado hernandez

Re: outlook problem 80 80

Never. Here I use gmail email for my email server so in years a delay like that never happened.

-> So let's hear more. What email service do you use? Some are pretty awful.

Re: outlook problem 80 80

The only problem I've had with Outlook is that it is so difficult to find the options. Menus and sub-menus, each with buttons, buttons, buttons, advanced options, etc. I use Outlook on my wife's laptop and Thunderbird (which I prefer) on mine. One of these days I'll convert Outlook to Thunderbird and be done with it.

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Re: outlook problem 80 80

Although you do not specify the version of your Outlook, I tend to think that the size of your mailbox is too large ... you could try to archive and compact your mailbox

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