i am using Microsoft Visual Baisc 2010 Ultimate, if i posted wrong place, please tell me where should i post :) Peace.
here come my problem,
Since yesterday night i was done a part of the practical at home, the folder name as <Chapter 3> and today i went to college computer lab continue do another part, and i save the files... after i saved i go to rename the .sln and also folder name.
then i back home open my pendrive, inside my folder files are losts.. Why like this and is there any idea to recover my files back?

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I have asked the mods to move your post to Here. I'm sure someone will assist from there.

Oh No!

  1. You may not have not actually saved your solution to your pen drive - a pen drive mounts itself on to a computer to the first available drive letter so for example it may have been your F: drive at home but when you got onto the colllege machine it could have been another drive letter - although you opened the project from the drive so it is unlikely this is the case
  2. The computer may have been writing to the pen drive when you disconnected - did you "safely remove the drive"?
  3. College networks are well known for virus activity - do you have an anti virus solution at your college? that is kept up to date - do you have one at home?

I'm afraid unles you can quickly get back to that lab and that computer you may have lost your work - If ou can try the open project menu and hopefully the project will be listed in the last few opened projects the if you are lucky, you may be able to open and resave to your pen drive.

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Yes, your on the wrong section, post it on vb.net section. :D

Make sure your pen drive is not infected, try to see your pen drive if there are any hidden folders.

If the files were truly saved on the pen drive and then somehow deleted, they can be recovered using recovery software (free downloads, trial software, etc..).

However, G Waddell brings up a good point...maybe you actually didnt save the files on your computer. I would check on that lab computer you were working on. As long as the lab doesnt wipe the computers at night and reload them, your files may still be there.

Should he post to VB.net? It doesn't sound like something peculiar to .Net - it could be any program...

that may be a good option to get more exposure to this issue. either a moderator would have to move this thread or post another question in that category.

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