I have been having a problem for a few months with the video driver for my Dell laptop. The hardware/driver are from Intel. The driver from 2016-09-29 works just fine. It has a feature that I use regularly to rotate the display via hotkeys - very convenient for document reading. Unfortunately, all later drivers disable this feature. Also unfortunately, Windows Update keeps downloading and installing the latest driver. This means that I have to repeatedly re-install the old driver. Not a big problem but an unnecessary one in my opinion. After several iterations through Intel Support I was told (in my words), "It's not our problem. Here's the Microsoft Support URL". The Microsoft Support staff was very helpful in telling me how to disable automatic updates although I'll reserve judgment for a few weeks until I see how effective it was. If anyone is interested, here is how to disable auto update in Windows 10.

Go to the services control panel by running


Set the Startup Type for Background Intelligent Transfer Service to Disabled then Stop the service.

Set the Startup Type for Windows Search to Manual.

Set the Startup Type for Windows Update to Manual (it may display as Manual (Trigger Start)).

I was told that by doing this I would still be able to get updates, but I would have the option of deciding which ones to apply (like I used to do in XP and W7). I left Intel with the comment:

Here's a novel idea. Why don't you fix your driver, or at the very least explain to me why you would remove such a useful feature.

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It's another Dell. Thanks for the link. I posted my findings as a reply to that user. I guess Intel figures that navigating a series of menus is just as convenient as using a hotkey.

I am at the cottage for the summer where I try to stay under my monthly cap of 3 gig. I followed all the advice from Microsoft Technical Support.

I set the services to manual or disabled because MS Tech assured me this would allow me to only download and install individual updates that I authorized.

I set my internet connection to metered, which is also supposed to defer updates.

In the last 30 minutes, Windows Update download 480 meg of an approximately 760 meg service pack for Visual Studio.

F##k Microsoft.

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