Hey guys,

I finally found what was solving my crashing of my computer and it's been determined it's the graphics card (onboard Nvidia gforce 6150se.) Now the problem is looking for a graphics card that can fit in my system (computer is pretty darn compact.) Computer model is a Emachines EL-1200-05W and it apparently has room for a half height PCIe graphics card. I'm not looking for a upgrade to my system at all, just something that will not bottleneck my CPU and will be a good replacement until i can build a new PC next year.

Thanks guys!

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and u can onluy use a midrage card ..if u go hi end ..u will have to replace the power supply as well

I know this topic has long since been forgotten. I have a good gaming computer but I tinker with old computers just out of curiosity of wanting to mess with something. Anyway if anyone is still wondering about an old Emachines el1200-05w then even if you get a pci x1 card or modify the pci x1 slot you still can't put hardly any card in it. Maybe you can get a really short card. All cards I tried (about 3) hit the disc drive. They stick out into the case too far and hit drive.

commented: Which is why I relocate the disk drive or use some laptop size SSD. +15
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