hi..can you help me? i need a complete program and flowcharts of shell sorting, insertion sort, quicksort, merge sort and buble sort...please help me... in need it on thursday....

thanks a lot!
God Bless You!


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Hi naiad08 and welcome to Daniweb,

We have some pretty strict rules here in that we can't just do the work for you, we need to see some effort and then we can guide you. What have you done so far? Where are you having problems? Do you know the difference between those sorting algorithms?


As darkagn has already said, we're not a homework service. We're a resource for education. Much like your teacher isn't going to do your homework for you, the same goes for us because that defeats the purpose of this forum.

However, I will link you to a sorting tutorial with plenty of code examples and thorough descriptions. There aren't any flowcharts, so you'll actually have to understand how they work to a certain extent by working through the code.

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