well here's da problem,its not really a problem i guess but i'm kinda confused about all this:S
i'm currently doing BCS(british computer society professional examinations),well its pretty kewl considering u can complete a degree equalent programm in half da time:D
anyways all it has is theory so i'm guessing i'll need more than that to convince a company to hire me lol,so i'm asking you guys to point me out some path...options available to me are
*SUN certifications like SCJP and above.
MS certifications like MCSD etc or in a totally different way da CISCO programms..i've been with programming side all my life but don't really mind changing it cuz i heard networking jobs are like no work jobs most of da time:D
obviously i've too many options and i'm really confused about all this.Somebody please help me out:)
i'm so sorry if this is da wrong section to ask this:)

maybe you should start learning some English, and don't try to do that in "half da time".

If I were to get a cover letter or resume written like you are writing I'd ditch it instantly.

maybe you read my post which got deleted

was that one even worse gibberish than the one that didn't get deleted?

talk to da hand dude cuz da face aint looking,so much unbearable odour because u got an a** in place of the mouth

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if i only get teens yes but if i get old ppl like i've here well too bad for me,cuz obviously all i can manage to do is to jst p** s them off:S

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If you want reasonable answers from adults, you need to make the effort to communicate like one.

Do you want career advice from teens only?

eh the old dude could've acted as one and pointed out that it was not right to post in leet,instead what happened was a release(or shall i say wenting out)of da dude's huge ego..the mod who deleted my reply to his post(which unfortunately wasn't seen by him) pointed out to me that its against the policies etc,so i'm not using leet anymore,eh if ur reading thanx n man:)
and as for the guidance i seriously doubt if i need any from such ppl like this bugger here,it was a huge fishing mistake on my side to even've made this thread!

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If you want to be hired without experience forget certifications. Spend your time actually learning the material and produce some really good work on your own time. When it comes to an interview, talk about the raytracer, or the mp3 management software, that you wrote.