Hi :)
I want to make an Arabic typing tutor to put online because I've noticed that there aren't any free ones. The thing is, I'm not sure what programming language to use. The basic idea is:

-You open the website and the text you are expected to write is in front of you.
-If you type a letter wrong, it shows up in red.
-At the end you're given your typing speed, your accuracy, and your revised typing speed (depending on your accuracy).
-Depending on your results you are given advice: either move on to the next lesson, or repeat the current one.

I'm good at java and if I were to use it, I have a pretty good idea where to start. But I'd rather avoid applets, after all not everyone can see them. I've just started learning flash so I considered that but same problem. Can it be done with HTML? I only know veeeery basic HTML, but I'd be more than willing to learn if I had a better idea what kind of tutorials I should look at. Suggestions?

Edit: another problem, I don't know how to make programs output text in arabic. I tried entering arabic onto TextPad today and weird (not arabic!) letters came up even though I had my language settings set to arabic.

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