Hello, I have two assignments on arrays that are due an a few days and i am completely lost any help would be appriciated. I am a first year student in programming design and development and i despretly want to understand this. I am flowcharting an array that needs to input rainfall for each month of the year so a SIZE 12. and i am really lost so im going to do the best i can with explaining this so please be patient

I need the program to do the following:
1. Calculate and display the total rainfall for the year.
2. avg the monthly rainfall
3. calculate the highest rainfall
4. calculate the lowest rainfall

Now so far i have declared the constant 12, and declared constant MONTHS. Now the material i do not understand is what the term SET INDEX=1 means? As for the calculations i need to create 4 different functions and return the value into the main program correct? Now does that mean that i need to create a loop in the main program at all or is it all going to be in the function?

As i said i am new to this so please be patient

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Who are these people who've put you through such a ridiculous assignment? Off with their heads! You should be writing code!

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