hey everyone i'm in need of some serious help....im a junior in highschool and i just started about a month ago with the ap computer science A course....my teacher instructed us [my classmates and i] to find out the solution to the second[#2] AP Computer Science A 2001 Free-Response Question....ive tried writing it on my own but im getting so many errors i never saw before...if someone can send me a link to a site that has the solution on it or can send me the actual code itself that would be amazing and highly appreciated ...my email is <SNIP> thanks so much its due december 11th, so i would need something by 11pm december 10th thanks again..
p.s. you can instant message me also at any time at the same adress as my email.

commented: Epic fail. -3

We generally don't do 'instant' solutions or links to them here.

We like to help those who help themselves. If you've put some effort into a solution, but don't understand why you get the results you do, or the errors you're getting, post the errors or results (preferably with code -- in code tags --) and we will try to help.

sry everyone im new to this but im learning lol i hope no harm done ....turns out that it was a compiler error and all i had to do was close out the screen and then it worked fine.....sadly im not able to supply my code because its on my school computer and not my home computer, they are very strict on rules like no emails and no usb drives ....but i am glad to see that people do respond to questions here and next time i need to ask something ill make sure i ask it the right way...thanks alot anyway =]