I am having problems getting my procedure to read characters recursively to terminate. Can somebody help me here, I am not suppose to use arrays or lists. I have the following procedure:

void recursive()
	char c;

I also need to print the characters backwards.

Well... when do you want it to terminate?

And why are you asking a question like this in the wrong thread.

I need it to terminate when the last character is found. It reads all the characters but simply does not find the end.

And what thread should I use. I thought compilers fit into computer science

This is not a C++ question? This certainly isn't a compiler question...

So the question is: How to detect when last character found? You surely know how to do that? Well then, finding the recursive function that outputs them in reverse order is a simple matter of mentally stimulating exploration! Good luck!

I know how to do the inverse order. What I am having problems is with the base case for the recursion.