How can I create a video without like actually recording it via a digital camera? I want to either create a flash video or a .avi video - is it possible using any Macromedia software? If anyone could point me to software, it'd be appreciated. But not software for a digital camera please, I want to create it.

Also, does anyone know of any software that'll record what I do on my computer? Like if I wanted to make a tutorial, it'd record what I do.

Links, tips, advice, etc appreciated.

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yes you can freely start with Adobe(formerly Macromedia) Flash for creating animations and exporting them as movies. You can even record your computer operations for creating tutorials on it.

But if you want some high end animations use Blender. it is open source and could be learnt via numerous available tutorials


You may also convert any your powerpoint presentation to video by using VisiPPT, it's realy good prog=))
good luck!

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