guys can u give me suggestion regarding a topic for my thesis it is just being disapproved here's the description

Chasing game is the theme of this proposal. Imagine that a Non Player Character chases the user who’s collecting the key (item) for opening the door. Each level has its own count of key located randomly, the first stage has only one key and the NPC moves really slow compared to the user. As the gamer advanced to higher level, the movement of the NPC goes faster and the number of keys(item) to find increases. Three dimensional environment, objects, characters, and bricks that are dividing the maze will be applied in creating the game. Placing the NPC at the bottom of the maze and the character of the gamer at the top will provide enough time for the user to find and gather all the keys needed to open the door to the next level. If the NPC caught the user, of course the game is over, but if not; and the user collected all the keys, a door will open and the gamer must enter the door to advance to the next level.

The algorithm that will be used is the A* algorithm (pronounced A star). The A* algorithm searches first the routes that appear to be most likely to lead towards the goal. The goal is set to the user which the NPC chase aiming a little in front of the player to cut across the corner and thus catch up to the player.
The difference between the existing topic and this proposal is the algorithm that will be used. The existing topic used the kruskal’s algorithm, while the said proposal will use the A* algorithm. Even if the proposed topic also has an item searching but still, the focus of the said proposal is considering a situation of an NPC chasing a character.
The significance of the study is to test the tempo of thinking of the user. Maze denotes a complex and confusing series of pathways, which the user will have to think a way to pass through out of it; playing logic games helps the user to increase its logic way of thinking.

You would need to learn matrix manipulation ,etc .