Hi,all everybody :) I just curious how C can be made. Do any of you know it??

We have an active forum devoted to C. I'd wager that one or two of us know it. Can you be more specific about "how C can be made"? Do you mean how to compile C source? How to write a compiler?

Oh,I mean that how C was written??With what language and how was the process?Because I'm still new in studying it.. Thanks a lot..

I believe the first C compiler was written in assembly language. Subsequent compilers have been written primarily in C and later, C++. However, that has nothing to do with learning C. You're really better off focusing on learning the basics of the language and saving history for later.

Oh,in assembly language?Really? So it doesn't make with any process of compilers that we have known. i mean,not with lexical,syntax analyzer,etc??

Um, what? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to ask.

All compilers follow certain processes such as lexical analysis, syntax analysis semantic analysis etc in one way or another.

Hi,all everybody :) I just curious how C can be made. Do any of you know it??

I hope this link will help you
enjoy this link to get the idea

C are written probably using bison(syntax) and lex(lexical) analisators. if you want to get more information about "how to write your own programming language" you have to read book "Red dragon". And if you also have anything questions, try to ask me because in university I'm writing own scripting language such as python. I have some simple sources, but not complete project yet.