I having hard time understanding how to read the expression in scheme. Need HELP!! Can anyone help. PLEASE

What i meant was, i doing a language called scheme but i can't seem to through the course.having a hard time understanding how to implement a function from a given question. Can you give me some advice.

No -- mainly because we don't know what problem you're having, other than that you find it hard.

I studied scheme at university for a semester and I don't remember much besides lots and lots of brackets. Most of the problems I had with it all boiled down to the fact that I had unbalanced brackets in my statements. Other than that it was relatively straight forward to work out what was going on from the lecture notes and other resources. What specifically are you having trouble understanding?

i can understand certain expressions in class, but when i given a question and implement a function i do not know how to start . This is my first computer course in programing so i do not know the technique to use.

It basically goes something like this:

1. Read the problem.
2. Think.
3. Write down the answer.

It might help if you ask a specific question, so that we might tell you how we'd go about solving it.