I'm doing my senior project to computer programming the teacher asked me to do a physical project but I don't know what to do
I don't really know much about programming

please if someone can give me an idea of anything easy i can do

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well, it's not really physical but she calls it physical because there's some who are doing their projects on nursing
but what she want it's us to demostrate our knowledge on a career field


Ok, I see. So what career field are you wanting it based upon? If you narrow it down, I'm sure we could come up with something good.

By the way, is there a level of complexity involved? How far are you willing to go?


well the project doesn't has to be based in any specific field, I need your help on teaching me to program something easy, i just know a little about programming


Hmmm. I can easily help you with something in java, that's the language your after right?

Something simple: A mortgage calculator

It's an easy project but it does require some knowlege of programming.

If you want something simple, think of a project that would have mabye one or more edit fields, and then does some kind of calculation based on that.

Of course that is pretty simple, but if you want something more complex than that, we could always find something else.


If your teacher does not care about the complexity, you could always make a console application(one that runs at the command line).


How about a program that would generate random machine code for a very simple system (such as the PEP/7 emulator our class used) and executes it until it gets the fibonacci sequence?

(The story: My computer science prof made a remark about how easy the fibonacci program with recursion (it's not) was going to be and this idea resulted.)


Something fairly simple woudl be a Chat Bot. Something that you type stuff two and it responds based on your input. You could do it command line, or you could make a swing application.


How about a distance converter with a menu driven convert from/to. For instance convert light-years to miles, or millimeters to inches, yards to rods and so on.


You could always make a simple scripting language.

stuff like

file$ make "c:\path\filename.txt"
file$ write "c:\path\filename.txt" "this will be written to the file"

Etc etc.

You would just need to maybe create 10-15 script commands
and a interpreter. boom. Thats what i did and my teacher did back-flips

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