i am a 1st yr computer science student in the Philippines. In our "Data Structure" subject, we are given a project/ research on the Banking System in the Philippines. can anyone give me some hints regarding this very difficult research of ours?

banks are very secretive regarding their infos on the systems they are using, that makes this research study very hard. Google and yahoo can't be of any help too. please give us some help.

we need to study a particular bank that uses a banking system. we need to have infos on the programs they are using. the methodology(what are the things that was done in creating the system), system flowchart, sample code of the system, instruction or steps in using the system -- these are the things we need to gather.

Banking System is our main topic.

thanks in advance to those who will help.

Do you need to study actual banks?

Or just model what some hypothetical bank might do?
- take deposits
- issue loans

Grab some brochures from a real bank about the services they offer, then model how those might be delivered in your hypothetical bank.

we do need to study actual banks sir. :sad:
the system they are using in their banking processes. we need to explain how that system works.

So ask your teacher how to solve the bank problem then, if you can't get any information.

Perhaps your tutor knows of a particular bank that is willing to participate in this kind of homework. If they don't, then it's a crap assignment with no real hope of success.

yes i'm feeling so hopeless with this. to think that we're only first years and we are given this kind of assignment. as if the banks would entertain cry babies like us. :confused: