Where can I find software and physical parts for making miniature robots. C++/visualbasic or similar languages are preferred. The tools I require is the software to create the script which will be transfered to the robot, wifi capability, 1 video camera linked to the software inbuild (which can rotate 180 degrees left-right), three wheels (2 at back 1 at front) or similar wheel setup so the robot can move around the room. It needs to include basic speakers too and a battery power supply. Also the robot needs a cpu of around 3GHz single core.

Does anybody know where I can get such equipment?

So you need a complete PC with 2 wheels?

-ve rep welcome; it seems to be the thing when I post STFW responses to null questions.

Nah that's just "Majestics". I got the same thing for asking him not to push the limit in "the torrent thread". Luckily we have some green to spare ;)

lol, good to see people have a sense of humor but still doesn't answer my question. I especially like the response a computer on wheels. Now how would I make that I'm thinking. I discovered that Microsoft has their own robotics studio but does anybody know of robotic hardware that can link in with the microsoft robotics software which also matches my requirements? Thanks.

I saw that one and the only problem with it is that Lego mindstorms doesn't include a camera that can film the surroundings and process that film into data. Also I just realized a microphone+speakers on the robot would be good too.

Lego mindstorms

I've never used mindstorms myself, but here's one with a camera.

Another option would be to buy/make a motor-control print and connect it to your serialport or USB. Then you could really have a driving PC.

Also, check this link

I just checked the links and the camera on the lego robot doesn't appear to have any programming interface. In otherwords it is just showing the user via network what is in front of the robot instead of the robot processing that data. But I want the robot to be able to process the images from the film taken by the robot. I also saw the other page and there was 1 robot that looked interesting but it appears as if they are pre-programmed where although I don't mind hardware interface being pre-programmed, I need to be able to add an Artificial Intelligence to the robot as well as a sensory (wi-fi) for the robot to be able to communicate with replica model types and to the master computer. Just thought I would express that and although I like the looks of the Microsoft Robotics studio I can't find a model the right size to do the job. When I say the right size I mean the robot I am making should be at the most 25cm tall. The ones I was finding were like 1.5 meters tall and $9,000+. Any ideas on products simular to lego robotics?