Hi everyone,
my project is a one step for e-government and i am taking the section
for dls(department for land and survey) .its about helping citezn for acheiving their requests online ,providing them with forms and news
what can i include other feature for it? and does any one have other information about e-government can provide me/

Grammer and spelling would help.
Just to clarify, are you proposing something official, or a school project.
What do you mean by "one-step". The only read which I got from this is that you plan to do everything in literally one step, which is quite a large premise.
"...achieving their requests online..." This is very vague, which particular requests are you referring to, or is this - again - the metaphysical "everything"?

The one step is related to the name for my project (one step for e-government)
It is a graduation project for the university .the project is for the department of lands and survey ,the authorized user can ask fill a form (form`s type:selling land ,gift land,report of the land estimation ,etc…)and then he will be given a time for revising to continue his papers.
I am not asking for a plan ,but I am looking for more information that I can included for my project.
Note: here is my plan for the user level, but you can tell me if there is something wrong or it needs to be modified or added.
internet ,main page, userlogin,dbconnection to check user go to login page if he is not authorized else go to infornmative tool contains(news,main menu,menu info),communicetion(announcements,e-request)

You can get some ideas by referring to the different existing government website regarding to land and surveys. I think functionality such as FAQ, Feedback or Inquiry, Contact such as email or forum will be important for goverment website. Forum would help also but will be more complex to manage especially when it comes to the issue of spamming, unrelated discussion issue, the use of bad or critisizing language. Filter will need to be done manually or automatically before posting it up on the forum.