Can someone please review my pseudocode for my class. The criteria for this assignment is:Input names of students from the user, terminated by ZZZ, and
create a data file GRADES with records of the form:
student (string), test1 (integer), test2 (integer), test3 (integer)
In this file, all test scores should be set equal to 0.
Get Student Name, Test Score
Create New File “Grades”
Calculate Grade Total

Student Name
Test Scores

Read Grade File, “Student”, “Test1", "Test2”, "Test3", “Total”

Main Module
Declare Student as String
Declare Test1, Test2, Test3, as Integer
While Student <> “ZZZ”
Call Student Grades
Call Calculate Grades
Call Display Grades
End While
End Program

Student Grades
Open “Grades” For Output as NewFile
Write “Enter the student and three test scores separated by commas please.”
Write “Enter “ZZZ” when done
Input Student, Test1, Test2, Test3

While Student <> “ZZZ”
Set Test = 0
Write NewFile, Student, Test1, Test2, Test3
Write “Enter the students name and three test scores.”
Write “Enter “ZZZ” when done.”
Input Student, Test1, Test2, Test3
End While
End Student Grades

Calculate Grades
Declare Total as Integer
Set Total = Test1 + Test2 + Test3
Close NewFile
End Calculate Grades

Display File
Open “Grades” For Output as GradeFile
Read GradeFile, “Student”, “Test1”, “Test2”, “Test3”, “Total”
End Display File

Thanks for your help!!

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