Hey guys I am a CS student and for our first assignment we need to design (pseudocode) a basic program that will allow users to input race participants and receive a time and a ranking. I have got the data input part right i need help with the timer and the ranking system however, any help will be appreciated. Here's what i have so far for the timer:
SET count to 0
IF btn_start is clicked
ADD 1 to count every second
Yeah this can't be right.

You do not need to count time yourself if you do not need to show the time continuously on screen. If the starting to race is together:

  1. Record race starting time
  2. When racer's time is needed show difference of current time and starting time.

To get general timer for all sports:
If race starts time delta between participants, you correct the racers time by subtracting (racing number-1)*delta from the time.
If the game time stops during game (ice hockey etc.) you record break starting time and when break finish you add the total break time by difference of break finishing time and break starting time. When you show time you take out break time from the time showed.