Hi, I have an idea on developing a home renovation simulation software. I need some suggestion on the appropriate 3d software that can be used to develop this system.a software that can integrate with event driven programming such as visual studio. this is my final year project and I'm still doing some research on this. I hope you can help me out. Thnk you!!

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Tks for suggestion, but I would like to know which software is suitable to use as there are many 3d software. Can u recommend?


Hi thx for the suggestion. I would like to know is 3d max or other 3d software such maya 3d or blender capable to create simulation where we can create the model of the house and drag and drop the tiles etc.Change its color and etc. Where user can customize the house. What i meant is developing a software something like this not using the ready made software such as AutoCAD® Freestyle by Autodesk.

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